Our Museum Collection

At the museum you can learn about how amber was formed more than 30 million years ago and why we today can find it washed up on Danish coasts. In the exhibition stands you can see different types of amber from all over the world and see how the amber is used. You will also have the opportunity to get an insight into the significance of amber at different stages throughout history.

The fisherman's collection. Denmark’s biggest amber find in modern times. In June 2010, a Danish fisherman caught one of Denmark’s largest pieces of amber ever found. He caught the piece in his net on a fishing trip far out to sea. He found it hard to believe his own eyes when he pulled in his net that June morning, for in the net lay the biggest piece of amber he had ever found. The amber rock weighed 4,125 gr., and was the largest piece of amber found in Denmark since 1767.

One of the main attractions of the museum is the collection of more than 100 pieces of amber with inclusions of insects and plants. Magnifying glasses, enables the visitor to observe the more than 30 million year-old insects and plants closely.