Our Green Amber

Green amber is very rare and comes from the tropical areas of South America; Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela. It is only recently that this kind of amber has been introduced to the world – by the name Green Caribbean Amber. As the name indicates, the amber has a green colour that ranges from clear and light greenish to dark green colour.

Green Caribbean amber is 3-4 million years old and therefore younger than the famous Nordic amber which is 30-50 million years old. Amber gets harder in time so naturally, being relatively young, the green Caribbean amber is not as hard as older Baltic amber. Therefore the green Caribbean amber goes through a hardening treatment. This makes the amber more stable as it emits all volatile components and so makes the stones stronger and more beautiful.

You can find ‘green Caribbean amber’ that is not real amber but copal, which is resin younger than one million years old. Our green Caribbean amber however is older and of course documented as real amber.