Our Quality

At House of Amber we create jewellery from amber of the very finest quality, carefully selected and uniquely designed, and often set with gold, silver and diamonds. In fact, only 10% of the world’s amber meets House of Amber’s exacting standards.
In the hand of our skilled goldsmiths, jewellery of both classic and modern design is created.

How can I tell if the quality of amber is good?

If the amber has been manufactured professionally and correctly – as it is at House of Amber – then quality is a matter of individual taste and preference.

How can I tell if amber is genuine?
  • if purchased at House of Amber
  • if part of the original raw surface of the stone has been maintained
  • if it burns slowly like a candle, producing a spicy, resin-like scent
  • if it floats in a saline (salt) solution
  • if the dust during polishing tastes of retsina (greek white wine)
  • by examining it with polarised light. This is the best way of distinguishing real amber from pressed amber.
What is pressed amber?

Pressed amber is manmade. Many small pieces of amber are heated and pressed together under high pressure. Press amber is not considered genuine amber.

Does the colour of amber change?

Yes. Sun, light and air oxidise amber. Transparent amber becomes lighter over the years, whereas opaque amber becomes darker.

How do I take care of my amber jewellery?

Amber jewellery is wonderful to wear, but must be treated with a little care. It must not be exposed to alcohol. E.g. Perfume, hairspray etc. Amber may be washed in a little lukewarm water with a small amount of washing up liquid. Afterwards the amber should be treated with linseed oil and polished gently with chamois leather.

If my amber jewellery becomes dull, what can I do?

Bring it to House of Amber for polishing in order to get the best result.