Our Guarantee

House of Amber has more than 85 years of experience and technical insight into working with amber. We share a love and passion for amber and we take great pride in having the most beautiful amber products of the highest quality.

We are therefore proud to give a lifelong guarantee on the authenticity of the amber. We only sell high quality amber and we guarantee that all amber stones come from one piece of genuine natural amber. We do not use pressed amber, filled amber or shaped amber. When purchasing amber in our stores or on our web shop you will be provided with an authenticity certificate card, which is your guarantee for the authenticity of the amber.

House of Amber has a thorough quality control on our products. We have a close cooperation with the world’s leading amber organisation, International Amber Association (IAA) as well as with the National Gemstone Testing Center in Beijing (NGTC). These co-operations are very important to us in order to ensure the high quality of our amber products.

Every year, House of Amber is audited by the Danish authorities through Force Technologies (Danish Assay Office) to prove the genuineness of our silver and gold. All diamonds are imported through certified channels in accordance with UN resolutions and the Kimberley Process.

House of Amber is committed to involvement in the conditions under which our products are produced and manufactured.