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Celebrating our 88th anniversary, this collection pays tribute to our lifelong tradition for excellent craftsmanship, courage and will to redefine the traditional way of thinking and designing amber jewellery. This blooming collection combines the glow of amber, the shine of gold and the soft enamel in a beautiful blend. With the lucky number 8 as the inspiration, a design of traditional and yet innovative expression has been developed in the hands of our skilled designers. The colours and patterns embody the happiness and the blooming journey the company has been on from its very beginning. All created in a beautiful mix emphasizing the values we strive to offer our customers; happiness and fortune, a lifelong tradition of excellent craftsmanship, beautiful design created with passion, love and dedication and a worldwide service and quality guarantee.


Varenummer 393557505
Materiale Pink gold-plated silver w/enamel
Rav Milky amber

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