Copenhagen Amber Museum is one of the most recognised amber museums in the world. The museum is located in Kanneworff’s House in Nyhavn, and is one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most charming buildings dating back to 1606. House of Amber’s high quality in amber jewellery is guaranteed by the museum, which was founded and is run by some of the most knowledgeable amber experts in the world.

The museum takes you on a fascinating journey through the amazing world of amber. Learn how amber was formed 30-50 million years ago and how it ended up on the coasts of Denmark. Get a glimpse of life in the ancient Scandinavian forests by exploring the large collection of preserved plants and insects that were trapped in the resin millions of years ago. Dig into the fascinating story of how our Scandinavian ancestors distributed amber as a unique and beautiful natural material to the rest of Europe, and see the museum’s rare collection of amber antiques and artefacts.