During summer and on special occasions you can experience the transformation of amber from a raw stone to a sparkling piece of jewellery, when our skilled goldsmiths will be working in the museum workshop. You can even choose your own piece of raw amber and have the goldsmith polish it and reveal its secrets.

Amber is a soft material that is only a little harder than a fingernail. This makes it easy to cut, grind, drill and polish. However, great care must also be taken not to damage the amber while working on it. As a natural material amber contains a lot of cracks and inclusions (such as soil, plant parts and more rarely insects and smaller animals), which can be hidden inside the stone, so only when slowly and gently working on the amber its secrets will be revealed.

Only amber specialists with many years of experience can create exactly the right shape, by grinding and polishing the amber to display each piece’s unique character in the best possible way.

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