One Rhythm by Maysoun

The collection takes inspiration from the ancient rhythm of the universe and the vital connection between nature and human. The designs in amber, gold-plated silver and zirconia embrace the continuous flow in life and remind us to live in balance with the past, present and future. Amber contains an ancient energy and it has been a true pleasure for Maysoun to create a new collection revolving around such a powerful material. Growing up with the cultural identity of an Arabic Dane, Maysoun Kanaan was encouraged to embrace the best of both worlds as well as to seek knowledge and to aim high in life. This ambitious and empowering attitude towards life has influenced Maysoun’s design philosophy. In her designs Maysoun Kanaan combines the classical with the contemporary. She strives to create timeless treasures of jewellery and her designs are created with balance between intricate, ornate sensibility of Arabic craftsmanship and minimalist elegance of Nordic design.

Der er ikke nogen produkter, som matcher de kriterier, du har angivet.