At House of Amber we collaborate with some of the best Danish designers. It is very important to us to have a mutual understanding of great design with roots in our Nordic heritage, but sometimes also with a little twist. Most important is the common love and passion we share for amber and the beauty and uniqueness of the product.


Goldsmith Christine Bukkehave, who is our in-house designer, graduated as a goldsmith in Holland and has a degree in Jewellery Design from the Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen. In 2015 she won the prestigious jewellery talent price, the Skt. Loye Prize. Christine Bukkehave is inspired by organic and abstract forms found in nature. Christine Bukkehave brings an artistic and architectural dimension to our universe of amber.


Fashion designer Louise Sigvardt graduated from Kolding Design School in Denmark in 2011. She won the Designers Nest competition as the best upcoming new fashion designer in Scandinavia in 2012 and today she is working in New York as an accessories designer for a top US brand.


Birgitte Sejrsen is Head of Design at Sejr Copenhagen. She is a versatile artist known for her pure style and use of high quality natural materials, including salmon, cod and stingray skin.


Growing up with the cultural identity of an Arabic Dane, Maysoun Kanaan was encouraged to embrace the best of both worlds as well as to seek knowledge and to aim high in life. This ambitious and empowering attitude towards life has influenced Maysoun’s design philosophy. In her designs Maysoun Kanaan combines the classical with the contemporary. She strives to create timeless treasures of jewellery and her designs are created with balance between intricate, ornate sensibility of Arabic craftsmanship and minimalist elegance of Nordic design.


Ann Sindlev has been part of the watch and jewellery business for more than 20 years. She has worked for a number of high-end luxury brands as well as her own brand, Nature Rocks.