Where does your amber come from?

At House of Amber we sell amber from several places in the world, but most of our amber is Baltic Amber, which can be found in and around areas of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, including Denmark. We also have amber from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Burma and South America.

How many colours of amber are there and is one colour more valuable or has better quality?

Amber comes in many different colours, determined by factors, such as the origin of the amber, the sediments in which the amber has been deposited, the local climate, the formation of the near surroundings and the temperature in the ground. All colours are natural and vary from milky white to yellow, orange, red and to almost black as well as blue and green. Some types of amber only exist in very limited quantities and because of the rarity become more valuable, for example the blue Dominican amber. Even though Baltic amber comes in a wide range of colours, the amber quality is the same for all colours.

How old is amber?

The age of amber depends on the origin of the amber. The amber we find in Denmark, Baltic amber, is 30-50 million years old. The oldest amber we sell in House of Amber is Burmese amber which is about 100 million years old. The youngest amber we sell is Aurora green amber from South America which is only about 1 million years old. We call this young amber.

How to take care of amber?

In order to keep your amber shiny, do not expose it to impacts, soaps, lotions, perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants etc. We recommend removing your amber piece before bathing or washing your hands. Gentle cleaning should be done with a soft brush or shammy/chamois leather cloth. The special cloth can be bought in House of Amber’s shops globally.

Where can I find a House of Amber shop?

You can find House of Amber in Denmark, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, US, Japan and Malaysia. Find the detailed locations here.

Can I return the product if I regret the purchase?

You have the right to cancel your purchase made on the website within 14 days from the day you receive your order. Refunds from online orders will not be issued from any House of Amber shop. You can read more about this here

Do you buy amber?

House of Amber normally does not buy amber, but if you have a special piece you are always welcome to contact us on info@houseofamber.com

Why does the amber jewellery I have received not look like the picture on the website?

Being a natural organic material not two pieces of amber look the same. All pieces are unique, so the product you receive from our webshop might look slightly different than the product on the website.

How do I take care of my plated jewellery?

Plated jewellery is a piece of jewellery that is made from a metal such as brass or silver and then covered with a thin layer of precious metal, usually gold or rhodium. In the course of time all platings will naturally wear off. In order to keep the plating beautiful for as long as possible, do not expose the jewellery to alcohol such as perfume, hairspray etc. We recommend that you store separately from other jewellery as the plating can come off when rubbing against other jewellery. Clean with water. Please note that the natural wear and tear off the plating is not covered by our general guarantee.