Jewellery Guide

Gold and silver

All of our products are characterised by high quality. They are made by real genuine amber and set in 14 karat (0/585) or 18 karat (0/750) gold or sterling silver (925S). House of Amber is every year subject to inspection and control by the Danish authorities through Force Technology (The Danish Assay Office) to prove the genuineness of our silver and gold. According to the Danish regulations you will always be able to find 2 stamps in our silver and gold jewellery. A name stamp with either “EF” (before 2011) or “HoA” (from 2011) which proves the House of Amber origin. A quality stamp with 925S, 585 or 750 which proves the fineness of the precious metal. These two stamps can be seen as an assurance to our customers.


All diamonds from House of Amber are Top Wesselton, Wesselton or Top Crystal with VS or SI in clarity. All diamonds are imported through legal channels following the resolutions of UN. Furthermore the diamonds from our suppliers are monitored by local diamond controllers and must go through the Kimberly Process. The Kimberley Process is a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds which imposes extensive requirements on its members to enable them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as ‘conflict-free’.

Plated jewellery

Plated jewellery is a piece of jewellery that is made from a metal such as brass or silver and then covered with a thin layer of precious metal, usually gold or rhodium. House of Amber normally uses 3 micron plating for our jewellery, which is more than standard, and therefore makes the plating last longer. Please note that the natural and expected wear and tear off the plating is not covered by our general guarantee.


For collections such as Enlightened Enamel, Urban Safari and Bygone Garden we use cold enamel. Where enamel is produced under high temperatures, cold enamel is an alternative giving the same look but by using epoxy resin to make the beautiful plating.